About our Coffee

The coffee we serve is made using beans from Hounduas, India, Ethiaopia and

Uganda. The Badra estate is a family run piece of land growing exceptional Mysore coffee, among the best in the world. Mild and creamy with notes of marzipan and vanilla in the finish. Perfectly crafted, our Super Crema bean has a medium taste profile and a uniquely satisfying flavour, ideal for lattes and flat whites or a short intense espresso.

Decaffeinated also available.

We use full cream milk in our coffee, please ask if you would like skimmed or soya milk. Our syrup range includes French vanilla, chocolate, caramel, amaretto and

almond. Cinnamon sprinkle

Espresso Beverages

Espresso, single shot £1.60

Cafe Zorro / Doppio a double espresso, or doppio, £2.10

Espresso Romano a shot of espresso with a slice of lemon served on the side. £1.80

Caffè Americano, a coffee prepared by adding hot water to espresso, with/without milk £2.50

Espresso with milk

Antoccino a single shot of espresso with steamed milk in an espresso cup £1.90

Breve made with a steamed mixture of half milk and half cream (ie, half and half) £2.50

Café bombón an espresso served with sweetened condensed milk in a 1:1 ratio, the condensed milk is added to the

espresso and served in a glass. £2.50

Cappuccino a coffee-based drink prepared with espresso, hot milk, and steamed milk foam. £2.70

Cortado an espresso "cut" with a small amount of warm milk to reduce the acidity. The ratio of milk to coffee is

between 1:1 – 1:2, and the milk is added after the espresso. £2.00

Latte an espresso and steamed milk, generally in a 1:3 to 1:5 ratio of espresso to milk, with a little foam on top.


Latte macchiato literally means stained milk. This refers to the method of preparation, wherein the milk gets "stained" by the addition of espresso. It differs from latte in that espresso is added to milk (rather than milk to espresso). £2.70

Espressino is made from espresso, steamed milk, and cocoa powder, similar to the Marocchino £2.30

Flat white made with two shots of espresso with a similar proportion of coffee to milk as a latte and a cappuccino, the main difference being the texture of the milk. The milk is prepared by steaming air into the milk and folding the top layer into the lower layers. To achieve the "flat", non-frothy texture the steamed milk is poured from the bottom of the

jug, holding back the lighter froth on the top in order to access milk with smaller bubbles, making the drink smooth and velvety in texture. This leads to a white coffee with the crema on top still intact. £3.10 Macchiato meaning "stained", is an espresso with a dash of foamed milk sprinkled with cocoa. £2.30

Coffee with milk

Vienna coffee is coffee or espresso topped with whipped cream. £2.50

Espresso con panna is coffee with whipped cream. £2.50

Coffee with tea

Chai latte steamed milk flavoured with a spiced tea concentrate instead of with espresso. Add espresso shots for a

dirty chai latte or Chai tea with a single shot of espresso. £2.70 Flavoured Coffee

Melya coffee flavoured with cocoa powder and honey. Cream is sometimes added. £2.70

Caffè Marocchino is made from espresso, steamed milk, and a dusting of cocoa powder.

Café miel a shot of espresso, steamed milk, cinnamon, and honey. £2.70 Mocha is hot chocolate, espresso shot, steamed milk with a sprinkling of chocolate. £3.00

café mocha,mochaccino is one third espresso and two thirds steamed milk and a portion of chocolate syrup. £3.00

A "cafe borgia" is a mocha with orange rind and orange flavoring added and served with whipped cream and topped with cinnamon.

Mocha Orange flavour decaffeinated

Creame Brulee flavour medium roast

The single origin coffees £3.25

Mocha lovely floral aroma medium bodied with a mild acidity with a citus and chocolate flavour medium roast

Old brown java naturally aged for 2 years smooth and earth with syrupy tone and hints of spice strong roasted

Peru organic produced by a womens coop smoth nutty and full bodied medium to strong

Tea Menu

Our speciality teas £2.50

Lapsang Souchong from the Fujian province of South China, a large leaf tea with a distinctive smokey flavour.

Japenese Cherry from the Bancha leaf, a large leaf green tea with a low caffeine content and cherry favoured.

Pai-Mu-Tan a long and gentle drying out process in the open air giving a pale yellow liquor and s soft delicate sweet flavour like honey from China.

Ceylon Silver Tip is a fruity and sweet cup with a light citrus finish.

From our twinings collection:-

Everyday, Lady Grey, Earl Grey, Breakfast, Green Tea £2.00

Assam, Red Bush, Chai, Decaffinated £2.00

Fruit Teas


Blackcurrant Ginseng and Vanilla


Cranberry and Orange

Lemon and Ginger £2.00

Mango and Strawberry

Peach and passion fruit


Raspberry Strawberry and Loganberry

Strawberry Raspberry and Cranberry

Our hot chocolate collection

Caffe Society Hot Chocolate – a luxury hot chocolate prepared from a traditional Dutch recipe. £2.60

Hot Chocolate with marshmallows and cream £3.60

Our Speciality Hot Chocolate – a smooth milk chocolate blended with praline . £3.30

Nutella Hot Chocolate £3.30

Cold Drinks

Orange or Apple Juice £2.10

Sparkling Water £1.30

Still Water £1.30

Diet Coke / Coke £1.30 Diet Irn Bru / Irn Bru £1.30

Alan and Bev


You to our place

Cakes Coffee and Mohr

About Us

Bev trained in London in Sugarcraft for 6 years in the 1980’s working with several high profile companies include Harrods and The Waldorf Hotel and then moved to Fettercairn in 1995 where she set up CakesbyDesign, making wedding cakes of distinction. Her reputation for quality was built up by doing local Farmers

Markets and this was where her passion for good quality local food was borne.

In May 2014 Bev opened Cakes Coffee and Mohr to showcase her passion for high quality food and cakes. Bev and Alan are both committed to using local produce from farmers that they have worked closely with over the years, staying true to both their farmer’s market roots.

Alan joined Bev at Cakes Coffee and Mohr in Dec 2014. His background is as a butcher and in Food Hygiene. Being a coeliac he is passionate about producing high quality gluten and wheat free food and with his exceptional quality cooking he now makes our soups fresh each day and cooks most of our food himself in our gluten/wheat free kitchen here.

Our cakes are made by Bev in her workshop in Fettercairn and gluten/wheat free cakes and biscuits by Alan in our shop. Our bread is baked fresh every morning.

Some of our suppliers include Devenick Dairy, The Store, Castleton Farm, Hardmuir and Fernieflett Farm and Sheridan’s Butchers,

We hope you enjoy your experience at Cakes Coffee and Mohr, we welcome any feedback and suggestions on how we can make your visit even more enjoyable. Either Bev / Alan or both of us will always be in the shop. We are open Monday to Saturday 7am to 6pm and by reservation only in the evenings.

Along with the food we provide in the shop we are happy to discuss private dining, afternoon teas, corporate catering, wedding cakes and food hampers/gifts.

We look forward to welcoming you back.

Alan and Bev

Basic Drink List (see next Page for full list)

Tea (except specialist) £1.90

Latte £2.70

Cappuccino £2.70

American £2.50

Milk £2.00

Tins/Water £1.30

Orange/Apple Juice £2.00

Please let us know at the time of ordering of any dietary requirements.

All our food is prepared / cooked fresh to order so please allow us a few minutes to get it ready for you.  If you are in a rush just let us know and we will try our best to accommodate you.

Special Diets – a list of our allergens is available on request

Gluten/Wheat free options available please ask at time of ordering

Dairy Free please ask at time of ordering

All our fresh bread is served with butter. Please ask if you do not want butter (we do not keep margarine)


Breakfast Menu (Gluten/Wheat Free Options available)

Porridge or freshly baked pancake or buttery or croissant with butter / jam                          £2:10

Toast with butter, jam or marmalade                                                                                               £1.00                                                                                                                                 

Croissant with ham & cheese                                                                                                            £3:50

Delicious freshly baked roll with choice of filling                                                                          £3.50

Filling Choice: bacon, sausage or scrambled eggs                            additional filling95p

Creamy scrambled eggs with local smoked salmon served on granary toast                            £5.95

All day Breakfast: bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, black pudding, beans & toast  £6:70







The Lighter Bite (Gluten/Wheat Free Options available)

Our own freshly made soup of the day with crusty bread                                                           £3.90

Cullen Skink, our take on this Scottish classic with smoked haddock, potatoes and onions

in a creamy soup base served with freshly baked crusty bread / sandwich  from    £4.95/£8.40

Sandwich of your choice served with a salad, coleslaw, potato salad & crisps  from £6.75                            

Homemade soup and sandwich of your choice                                                      from  £7.25                                             

Baked Potato – our speciality jacket potato with your choice of filling and our salad 

& crisps                                                                                                                          from   £6:75

Filling Choices and Salads

Ham / Roast Chicken / Pulled Pork with apple sauce / Prawn Mayo / Tuna Crunch /

Tuna Mayo / Egg Mayo / Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese / Cheeses – Devenick

Dairy Brie / Granite City / Smoked                     

 Additional fillings       70p                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Various Chutneys

Mixed leaves / cucumber / peppers / red onion / tomato / sundried tomato / coleslaw /

 potato salad








Cake and Mohr

Our handmade cake of the day served with clotted cream & strawberries                 £3.50

Fresh hot scones served with clotted cream, jam and strawberries                              £3.50                       

Scrummy Brownie / Millionaires Shortbread                                                                     £1.50

Strawberry Tarts made to order                                                                                           £3.50

Shortbread, cream & strawberries                                                                                       £2.90

Our homemade biscuits/meringues                                                                                      £2.90